Visiting the Golda Meir Elementary School brings back Memories!

It had been 12 years since my last visit to Milwaukee

The last time I visited Milwaukee was in 2010! During that visit I took the time to visit my old home in Westlawn Projects. I even remembered my address; 5400 N. 67th Street. It was a time to reflect on where I grew up as a teenager. So, visiting the Golda Meir Elementary School brings back Memories!

In April 2022 the visit, unfortunately, was to bury my sister-in-law, Sharron Sledge.  She died suddenly at the age of 62.  May she rest in heavenly peace. You just never know when it’s your time to go!

On this trip I wanted to take the opportunity to visit my old homestead; where I grew up as a kid, and visit my elementary school! 

The Biggest Thrill of All, Seeing my Old Elementary School named Golda Meir

If you grew up in a city, and decided to leave as an adult, when was the last time you went back and visited your old elementary school?

My elementary school was named Fourth Street when I attended in the late 50s. In 1979, long after I was gone, the school was renamed in honor of Golda Meir, the fourth Prime Minister of Israel, who attended the institution from 1906 to 1912.[5] There are two campuses: the lower campus and the upper campus. The 1890 lower campus building is a National Historic Landmark, designated in 1990 for its association with Meir.

It was really cold on the day of our visit, and a reminder of one of the many reasons I left the city when I was old enough to be on my own. But, seeing my school and remembering how we used to walk from Hillside Projects every day, was exciting. I had to pass by Mrs. Jenkins’ Candy Store to get to school. Sometimes, I would spend my $.10 milk money on candy. The Schlitz Brewer across the street from the school, was one of many breweries in the German town of Milwaukee.

This definitely was a Trip of Change that brought back memories!

  • April 19, 2022