Spring is Coming, but First We Need the Rain!

by Jackie Robinson
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Rain is a Rebirth and Necessary for Living!

My front sun porch will be filled with blooming flowers and the picture glass windows are the right size for watching, bees, butterfiles and hummingbirds.

Yesterday was my birthday. Now, the cleansing begins!

Well, yesterday, Saint Patrick’s Day, was the last birthday in my 60s. It has been a reflective period for the last several years. I had a 5-year plan that was well executed and now I am sitting here looking at the rain in a retired frame of mind!

The day started just as any other day with coffee, news and meditation and medication. Not always in that order. One thing I did not do this morning was check the weather, which is a normal routine, especially since I check the weather in warmer climates like Cartagena, Columbia or Merida, Mexico just in case I get a notion to fly somewhere!

Rainy Day in Fog Hollow

Since I have been sort of daydreaming my birthday week it suddenly dawned on me that I was out of food! I’m not into ordering food online and having it delivered. I’d rather see and touch what I need and want to buy. So, I headed out to the grocery store, taking my “big” umbrella. As the sky began to darken and thunder roared, I was too far up the street to turn around. Having made it to the Wayfield Grocery Store around the corner, I shopped quickly, spoke to the seniors in the meat section about how high the price of oxtails, and ran back to the ice cream isle to get the Blue Bell on sale for $5.99! By this time, it had gotten really dark outside and the shoppers waiting in line were looking around with concern on their faces. I didn’t care too much about the rain, as my uncle would say, “rain don’t stop nobody but the farmer” – Uncle JL (RIP)!

I made it back home with my groceries not too wet. After I put away the goodies I had purchased I stood near the picture window in the kitchen. The back yard is beginning to look lovely, I thought to myself, as I watched the rain and the lightning in the distance followed by the thunder.

I Took a Trip of Change

There has to be others who can appreciate a good, soaking rainy day in Fog Hollow, or where ever you may be. Every thing in the ecosystem, plants and animals, needs the rain. We need the rain as a cleansing from 2021 leftovers brought forward into January and February 2022. Think about it! Any time is a good time, but especially right now, to take a Trip of Change!

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