Tampa, Florida, USA | Trip of Change | December 2021

<p>Being a "Thrift Store Queen", a visit to a local shop was inevitable. Thank you to the young staff at labelswap.com for providing wonderful service. The shop was clean and well stocked with merchandise. Unlike a typical thrift store, the quality of the merchandise was higher, thus higher prices. I did manage to find a pair of black jeans, ear rights and a jacket. I spent a day at the pool with my RayJ Raycon earbuds and Amazon Music. There were several others at the pool enjoying the weather as much as I. Covid was still and presence and interaction with others was limited.</p>

I decided to end 2021 in Tampa, Florida.  Coming off from a wonderful trip to Las Vegas, the weather in Atlanta was still chilly. The opportunity to go to a warmer climate in Tampa could not be passed up: sunshine, palm trees, great food, a day at the pool. 

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