Los Cabos San Jose | Trip of Change | March 2021

<p>Trip of Change Podcast with Jackie Robinson | Domestic and International My host were very generous and lovely people. They had two little dogs that guarded the property well. I flew on Delta airlines, non-stop, from Atlanta to San Jose del Cabos. The flight was full will folds anxious to escape the cold climate and head to the beach.  My host took me with them one morning on their daily 10 mile swim. I simply parked in my lounge chair and watched from a distance and they swam, and swam and swam! San Jose is a small town north of Los Cabos.  The southern location on the tip of the peninsula is the party town and with an extensive board walk filled with shops, restaurants and vendors. Easy to find silver bracelets, hats, ear rings, and other trinkets from hard selling families that fill the walk ways.</p>
  • Destination: San Jose del Cabos | Las Cabos
  • Lodging: AirBNB
  • Featured Events Whale Watching, Guided City Tour, Day at the Beach, Restaurants, Night Cruise
  • Flight: Delta Airlines
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By December 2020, Covid was in full bloom. Milions of people all over the world were quarantined, and many died or was dying from a deadly disease. Eight months after retirement, trips to international destinations were cancelled.

However, by March 2021, people were taking chances and travelling again. Travel stipulations included Covid testing 3 days prior to travel and 3 days prior to return. Testing was and is mandatory!

So with a negative Covid test in hand, I took off to San Jose del Cabos, Mexico.

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