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America's Black Holocaust Museum | Milwaukee, Wisconson

America's Black Holocaust Museum

ABHM: A Unique Experience For Visitors From Near And Far

This museum has a number of special features. ABHM

  • *Is both a historical and memorial museum.
  • *Has two ways to share the story of the Black Holocaust
    *On-site galleries for people who can visit us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    *On-line galleries for people who can access our 3300+ exhibits in cyberspace
  • Describes and commemorates the Black Holocaust from pre-captivity in Africa to the present day.
  • *Was founded by a lynching survivor.
    *Was forced to close after 20 years – but re-established through grassroots community efforts.

How ABHM Was Born – And Reborn!

Our Original Brick-And-Mortar Museum – 1988 To 2008

America’s Black Holocaust Museum was founded in 1988 in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin storefront by Dr. James Cameron, the only known survivor of a lynching. In 1992 Cameron acquired a spacious free-standing building, which he renovated and opened on Juneteenth Day 1994 with expanded exhibits and a staff.

The museum attracted many local, national, and international visitors. Many took guided tours led by “griots” (docents) who interpreted the exhibits and promoted dialogue with and among visitors.

Dr. Cameron also spoke daily with most visitors about his survival experience – making for a very special encounter with living history. His passing in 2006 combined with the country’s economic downturn forced the museum to give up its building in 2008.

Our Virtual Museum (On-Line) – 2012 To Present

On Dr. Cameron’s birthday, February 25, 2012, ABHM came back to life as a unique, cutting-edge, interactive, virtual museum. This 21st century format has made ABHM available to people around the world who would otherwise have no access to its unique educational resources. Each year our 3200+ page online museum serves millions of visitors – students and adults alike – in over 200 countries.


Scholar-griots from around the world curate our online exhibits. Our virtual museum regularly adds new exhibits, including Breaking News: History in the Making, every week.



Future plans for ABHM Online include new history galleries, more special exhibitions, a gift shop, fine art gallery, and resources for educators such as lesson plans and activities.

We hope your experience at ABHM Online is enlightening and rewarding. Thank you for visiting!

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