Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Plan B

by Jackie Robinson
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You’ve seen the ads and gotten flyers and letters in the mail encouraging you to sign up for Medicare Advantage, not Medicare Plan B. Do you ever wonder why is that? Well, maybe it’s because they are counting on you to be attracted to the FREE this, and FREE that; meaning $0 premiums and so on. Understand, AIN’T NOTHING FREE. You, and everyone else who pays taxes are paying that premium from government subsidies to the insurance companies, THE MIDDLE MAN! Tax dollars that could be added into the Medicare Plan B budget, and strengthen the program; providing the same services touted as FREE!

Now, you might say “that’s okay, as long as I am able to save money from what little I have living on social security.” I agree. Times are hard for some people and money is tight. Not everyone has the resources to leave this country and live somewhere else with excellent and inexpensive health care.

This is MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLLMENT season for seniors. They are making decisions on their current health plans vs what else may be available at premium rates they can afford. They are reviewing past prescription drug usage and cost, any health issues they have now and the ones they know may be creeping! “What if I get cancer?” “What if I need cataract surgery?” “What if I need a specialist that is not in network?” “What is my deductible and out-of-pocket cost?” “Do I really need SilverSneakers?”

I am writing this post because it’s important for eligible Seniors, those 65+, to make an informed decision when it comes to MEDICARE ADANTAGE vs. MEDICARE PLAN B. Know the facts about what $0 premium plans really mean. And remember this, members in Congress are threatening to TAKE AWAY OUR SOCIAL SECURITY and PRIVITIZE MEDICARE!

I encourage you to READ THIS!

Here's why private Medicare plans are set to pass traditional Medicare enrollment By Ken Alltucker, USA Today – Nov 8, 2022

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