Let Me Tell You About Trip of Change

From the Projects to Spain!

Most of us come from generations of ancestors who have struggled, in one way or another, to be successful for themselves and for the generations to follow.

If you were as fortunate as me to have the kind of mother raising 3 kids in the projects, who dreamed of bigger things for her children, then you were blessed! So imagine the energy of my mind, body and soul from the projects to Spain how accomplished I must have felt. So thank you mama, for allowing me to dream big!

My 69 years on this planet has been a “Trip of Change”!

So, what is Trip of Change? First, let me say this, Trip of Change is not for everybody. But, everybody takes a Trip of Change!

Life in 10 Year Increments

It all started in my 40s with a New Year’s Eve mantra I heard somewhere. It goes like this (modified) “I kindly release to the universe all those that add no constructive value to my life, and wish them well on the other side.”

A cleansing phase that allowed me to start each New Year with only positive thoughts, feelings and friends. The year-end question: what have I learned? The cleansing period was expanded to ten years at 40. Every 10 years those things that are important to my happiness are examined, carrying forward the positive spiritual and natural tools necessary to live the next 10 years. This process allowed me to “just keep living”, as the ancestors would say, long enough to retire and ready to travel the world!

Nothing but Love and Appreciation for Dana Bach!

(L-R Dana Bach, Jackie Robinson & Julie Peterson)

A very special thank you to our podcast producer, Dana Bach Johnson, my friend of many years. Her insight and desire to be a change in the world encouraged me to share this journey as Trip of Change. I will forever love and respect her for having the courage to say “Fuck Cancer” and continue her journey to visit all 413+ national parks on the registry.

Thank you for the opportunity to visit with you several parks in Las Vegas and New York City! Your generosity is spiritually and  unconditionally given, and appreciated. Much Love, Dana Bach!

  • Trip – either mental or physical, places we visit.
  • of – expressing the relationship between a part and a whole
  • Change – mind, body, spirit and environment, where ever we happen to be on our journey, Change is constant with every tick of the clock! Change is colored gold for “living our life like it’s Golden!”
  • Blue Icon – represents conversations with Jackie Robinson on the Trip of Change Podcast

How It Started

We started this Podcast show addressing the issues important to all generations, from boomers to gen x, y, and z. We touched on gender identity, gender pronouns, the LGBQTIA+. Women in business and other topics of interests to our audience.

Revised Trip of Change Concept

As in any startup, things can change. I have spent the last few weeks, since our trip to New York City, reviewing our email surveys, discussions in various chats, personal conversations and meditations. With that, we have revised the focus of Trip of Change to traveling, exploring and talking to people who travel. Since my retirement, there are several countries I would like to visit, possibly becoming an expat; looking for my shangri la! So people have expressed an interest, including myself as a retiree, to talk and learn about different cultures from around the world.

Trip of Change Mission Statement:

Trip of Change Podcast | the Jackie Robinson Show has a revised mission statement. We seek World Travelers of all ages, retirees, expats and those in the travel industry who travel the world.

Our new tag line: 

Jackie Robinson wants to know your Trip of Change

What do we want to know? If you are travelling or have traveled, we want to know about:

  • Culture
  • Food
  • Architecture
  • Museums
  • Natural Wonders
  • Fashion
  • Language
  • Transportation
  • City/Social Life
  • Beaches
  • Cost of Living
  • Healthcare
  • Money/Finances
  • Dating
  • Weather
  • Housing
  • Airline and Travel tips

Would you Like to be a Guest on Our Podcast?

  • June 15, 2022