Kerry Washington Pays Tribute to Pam Grier during NWHM

by Jackie Robinson
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Kerry Washington Pays Tribute to Pam Greir

Kerry Washington commemorated the day with a tribute post to one of her heroes. In an Instagram post, the award-winning actress showed a side-by-side image of Pam Grier dressed in a red button-down shirt tied at the front, low-rise jeans, a perfectly shaped afro, and gold hoop earrings. On the other side of that photo was a mirror image of Washington. Thank you for paying tribute to one of our favorite actresses, Pam Grier, during National Women’s History Month!

Kerry Washington pays tribute on her Instagram Page to Pam Grier for National Women's History Month:

We all remember her role that has earned her the most recognition on the small screen is the one she played in the multi-award winning series “Scandal”. This role gave life and power to Olivia Pope. 

“Scandal” focuses on Olivia, an expert lawyer handling crises and scandals, her mission, and that of her team, is to protect and defend the image and lives of her clients, normally belonging to the country’s elite. With this series, Washington broke the mold by being the first black woman to star in a dramatic series since 1974 and also the first to get an Emmy nomination in that category in 18 years. 

For her role in “Scandal” she also received a nomination for the Golden Globe Awards as “best actress in a television series”.

The series and its seven seasons came to make her one of the highest paid and most glamorous actresses on television; in 2018 it was the eighth in the ranking, according to Forbes magazine, with 11 million euros.

Trip of Change | Social activist

Kerry Washington grew up in an environment of activism, spirituality, love, giving and caring for others. So, it’s no wonder that, even as an accomplished actress, Ms. Washington is a strong activist in many social and political causes. She has worked for many years with non-profit organizations dedicated to preventing the fight against cancer and gender violence.

Connection to the Community of Friends, Fans and Admirers

In 2020, Kerry Washington took to social media to celebrate a special anniversary: one year of giving out her phone number to anyone who wanted to text her. While this action may be deemed as what Kerry initially thought might be “crazy,” she enthusiastically reported “I’m so happy that I did it… I feel so much more connected and close to you…”

Personal Life

The actress does not usually make many public appearances with her husband and children. In several interviews, she has reiterated that she is jealous of her privacy and that of her family, so she always tries to talk about her because of her work and not because of her personal life.


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