Out and About | The Native American Festival at the City of East Point

Native American Festival in East Point, Georgia

My little town of East Point, Georgia is full of surprises. The Arts and Community Affairs director does an excellent job bringing diverse entertainment to the community. 

After watching a documentary the other day on the influences of Native American music on African music and how the two fused together, I was pleasantly surprise to hear Native American music coming from the East Point town center  a day after watching Rumble, The Indian Who Rocked the World on Netflix.

So, I grabbed my iPhone 13 Max Pro and headed to City Hall. The festival was in full swing and I was able to capture the excitement of the dancing.

Native American Women Pow Wow Dance

These two videos showcase women and men dancers stepping to the sound of the live drums and incantations from the pow wow!


Today’s Image Gallery

There were beautiful people at the event today, mostly dressed in native American Indian attire.  The young lady looked so beautiful in her lavender Indian dress.

I met interesting members of the American Cherokee Confederacy of Georgia, Black Indians.  Here you see me pictured Lucille Dobrin and her husband George “Itka”,  a Native American who was gracious enough to engage in conversation. And, he gave me a parting gift!.  Thank you, George!

In the picture below, you can see Rev. S. Cherokee Hill, Chief Medicine Woman (wearing headband) for the American Cherokee Confederacy of Georgia. I captured a short video as she was talking with the older gentleman. Unfortunately, I did not get his name (will try to find out later). I do know the Chief say he was an Olympic Gold Medalist. You can see the medals hanging around his shoulders.

The other woman is Lucille Dobrin, Actress-Singer. It’s just amazing how you never know the people you’re gonna meet when you get out in the sunshine. Everybody loves the sunshine! Ms. Dobrin was born on August 18, 1935 in Homestead, Florida, USA. She is well known as an actress in The Money Pit (1986), South Beach (1993) and Detective Extra Large (1991). 

That last picture is of Link Wray, the Indian who rocked the world.

Young woman wearing a beautiful Native American outfit.

(L-R) Lucille Dobrin, Jackie Robinson & George “Itka”!

Rev. Ms. S. Cherokee Hill, Chief Medicine Woman and Lucille Dobrin

Young woman with family

Link Wray | The Indian who rocked the World!

Cool Native American T-Shirt

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Rumble – The Indian Who Rocked the World!


Last night I had a chance to satisfy my curious about the beats and sounds of  Indian music.  It was something that just came to mind. Then, on Netflix I watched a documentary on Link Wray –  Rumble The Indian Who Rocked the World! 

The biggest take away for me from the documentary was the history of indigenous music and how the Europeans removed the men from certain tribes and shipped in African slaves as replacements. Well, of course, the Africans mixed with the Indian women and a community of Black Indians was formed.

The mixture of African and Indian music created unparallel sounds that have permeated in modern music today. Did you know that the sound of rock and roll originated from an American Indian!

Learn more about this amazing on Netflix before it’s gone!

  • August 20, 2022