From an Abusive Situation to Wife and Business Owner in Nigeria

Porche Steele shares her Trip of Change Story!

by Jackie Robinson
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This was an amazing podcast with our guest Porsche Steele. Listen as she tells her story of taking a “Trip of Change” from America to Nigeria. At only 26, she traveled for the first time on an airline, to meet a man she had never met before, to a country thousands of miles away where she knew no one! 

She tells the story of how her husband proposed and the feeling of learning a different culture, making new friends, being a wife, and running a business.


I am a wife, a business owner, a motivational speaker, a publisher, and a Black American woman living in Nigeria. But three years ago, I was none of that. Three years ago, I was trapped in a home where every one of my moves was monitored, questioned, and denied. Dealing with sexual and emotional abuse, I thought I would never be anyone or achieve anything.

That is until I decided to step out on faith. Following my passion, I dove into literature and the world of book editing and publishing. Secretly, I worked online as an editor and saved up. I also secretly dated a guy from Nigeria. With my online relationship and my online gigs, I knew at some point, I was either going to be found out or I was going to have to reveal the truth.

God had other plans instead. In the middle of the night, I and my older sister walked out the door and never looked back. Three months later, I traveled to Nigeria to meet the man I’d been dating. He proposed to me the day I arrived and we got married that December. Two months after that, we moved into an apartment. Soon, my editing gig blossomed into a full self-publishing service company called MysticqueRose Publishing Services.

I became a podcast host (Motivational Motives), I started a not-for-profit organization (The Emancipation Movement), I published dozens of books for authors and am now writing my own, and I take on speaking engagements where I utilize my story and faith to inspire others, talk about entrepreneurship, discuss generational curses and Black culture, and talk about life in Africa as an American.

Thank you vey much for being a guest on our show. You are now an Ambassador of Influence for Trip of Change Podcast the Jackie Robinson Show.

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