TriftCon was a Show of Young Entrepreneurs in the ATL!

by Jackie Robinson
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A Sunday Outing to the Atlanta TriftCon

Thanks to these women I had a happy Sunday ! (L-R Yolanda, Me and Shana)

I consider myself to be a “Thrift Queen” in that I have found so many wonderful pieces at consignment or thrift stores. So, when Shana invited me to the Thrifcon, at jumped at the chance to get out of the house! it was a beautiful day this past Sunday, and I attended the Atlanta ThriftCon, an event billed as the largest gathering of thrift store vendors you could imagine. The ticket price was not too bad, $12 for after 11:00 entry and $30 if you wanted to get in before 11am. I opted for after 11:00. One thing I should point out is that I realized before arriving that the prices of items would be marked up a minimum of 30% to cover the cost of having a vendor booth. So, it didn’t surprise me to see hefty price tags of $45, $75 and $95 for things that you can find at Value Village for less than $10. I was prepared to stay within budget and just have a good time meeting people. And, that I did as you can tell by the video and photo gallery above.


The event was well attended, as I could clearly tell by having to drive through wades of cars looking for a parking spot. I, like many others, ended up paying $20 to park on open lots and walk a few country blocks to get to the entry. It really surprised me to see that many people!

I have to talk about why this outing was a “Trip of Change” for me. For one thing I didn’t realize there were so many young men venturing into being entrepreneurs. Usually, when you go to these types of events its mostly women! There are so many studies and countless statistics that outline the number of women compared to men in business and how that number continues to grow. The Atlanta TriftCon offered so many men an opportunity to promote their creative ideas through products and services and, show the family and friends who support them! 

It was amazing to experience and see young people “doing it for themselves”!

That was my Trip of Change!

As a retired marketing executive, one of my goals for Trip of Change is to share knowledge, especially with small businesses.

Meet these young entrepreneurs and support their social media platfoms. I see you LeneBean!

I was impressed by this young man who promotes his “vintage car” business Atlantique. He spoke with clear goals in mind and, had several premium cars on display.


This is “Straight Lace” who I had a chance to chat with. The creative tie-tied designs of his products caught my eye and, it was a pleasure to take this picture with him.


I had so much fun with these young women at the “Guiltytreasures” We danced, laughed enjoyed  and the moment!


How can you miss a fly chic in a green coat and orange tennis shoes? I could not resist. Meet Gabby on the Beat, Makeup Artist in the ATL!


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